Oil & Gas

Are you a drilling contractor needing reliable starting solutions for your generators, pumps and kelly spinners? Are you a gas pipeline compression company requiring gas sealed starters for safe and dependable engine starts? Are you responsible for off-shore platform operations that demand safe, reliable and environmentally friendly solutions to engine starting? ASC has the experience to help.

  • Gas Compression Engine Starters
  • Drilling Rig Engine Starters
  • Kelly Spinner Motors
  • Pump Engines
  • Gas Lift Engine Starters
  • Coil Tubing Engine Starters
  • FRAC Engine Starters
  • Off-Shore Platforms


Inland, off-shore or across the seas, ASC has air starting systems to meet the needs of some of the world’s harshest operating environments.

  • Work & Crew Boats
  • Tug & Push Boats
  • Ship Propulsion Engines
  • Petroleum Barge Pump Engines
  • Fishing Vessels
  • Workboats servicing off-shore platforms
  • Diving & Salvage Operations


  • Locomotive Engines (EMD) (GE) (CATERPILLAR)
  • Metropolitan Transit Authorities
  • Transit System Bus Engines
  • CNG Fueling Compressors

Power Generation

  • Back-Up Emergency Power Engines
  • Co-Generation Landfill Engines
  • Coal, Natural Gas and Nuclear Power Plant back-up generator engines
  • Natural Gas Generation Engines
  • Nuclear Plant Emergency Power Generators & Pumps

Gas Turbine

  • Turbine & Vane starters and motors
  • Capable of long-heavy duty cycles
  • Standard mounting flange configurations
  • Standard shaft dimensions
  • Solar, Ruston engines


  • Mining Trucks
  • Loader Engines
  • Generator Engines
  • Specialized Equipment Engines