TurboParts provide a powerful new aftermarket choice when it comes to quality high-performance turbine starter components. The TurboPart™ line is specifically designed to lower the cost of maintaining and overhauling your ASC and TDI air starters. 

TurboPart Features

  • Precision weight and balance for high velocity performance.
  • Engineered to critical specifications.
  • Manufactured from the highest quality grade of aluminum alloys.
  • State-of-the-art CNC machined.
  • Made in America.

TurboPart Components 

TurboPart replacement components from ASC are manufactured to the highest quality and precision standards. Turbine air starters require an accurate balance of components with precise specifications functioning together to deliver high performance. TurboParts can be used in ASC or TDI air starters.

  • Turbine Rotors: Stage 1 & Stage 2
  • Nozzles, Stage 1: 06, 09, 12, 15, 21
  • Containment Nozzles, Stage 2
  • Turbine Shafts
  • Turbine Housings
  • Transmissions, Gear Cases & Planetary Gear Assemblies
  • Drives, Drive Pinions & Drive Housings
  • Exhaust Guards and Fixtures

Overhaul & Repair Kits

ASC overhaul kits include only the finest quality precision parts, seals, bearings, gaskets and O-rings. Turbine air starters such as ASC or by makers like TDI, require an accurate balance of components with precise specifications functioning together to deliver high performance.


ASC is committed to the use of high quality shaft seals. These critical components use an interference fit that seals statically against the housing bore and a sealing lip,  which seals dynamically and statically against the turbine shaft. 


ASC uses high quality, low-friction bearings optimized for low noise and low vibration enabling high rotational speeds.


O-rings seals must meet exact specifications for reliable service and safety. That's why ASC o-rings are manufactured to ISO 9001 standards.  ..

Overhaul Kit Features

  • Complete kit includes comprehensive factory specified items.
  • Precision bearings, O-rings, seals, spacers and other critical parts.
  • Factory brand specific bearings and critical hi-temp grease.
  • Highest quality alloys in precision parts.
  • Made in America

Overhaul Kits Include

  • Specialty Lip Seals
  • Bearing Spacers
  • High Grade-High Speed Bearings
  • O-Rings, Keys, Bolts, Screws, Washers
  • And other Specialty Turbine Parts

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