Air Starter Components offers a variety of products and services to help maintain and service your air motors and pre-lube pump equipment.  ASC specializes in GAST and Ingersoll-Rand air motors as well as Viking pre-lube pumps for the gas compression industry.


For GAST 6AM Air Motors

ASC SK208 & SK281 service/repair kits are used on lubricated GAST 6AM reversible air motors. ASC service kits will restore air motors to original factory performance specifications. Our ASC composite vanes use the latest advanced materials to give you extended motor life and dependable service.

Gas compression engines such as Caterpillar 3516, 3616 and Waukesha 7044 engines utilize GAST 6AM air motors coupled with Viking pumps in a pre-start prelubrication sequence. Efficient function of the air motor is essential to reliable and safe engine start-up and operation.

Proper air motor maintenance and high quality American Made ASC replacement parts eliminates downtime, avoids costly repairs and provides trouble free performance. Service is suggested every 2 years or when performance degrades.

For use in GAST 6AM lubricated reversable air motors.  ASC SK208 & SK281 service kits includes Vanes (4 or 8), Gaskets, Bearings, Springs, Pins, O-ring, Shaft Seal and Instruction booklet.  Contact ASC for assistance determining which ASC Service Kit you need. 

New, exclusive heat-resistant and strong synthetic vane material provides reliable performance and long life.

ASC synthetic vanes are incredibly strong and resist friction born heat build-up. Using a molecular structure of inter-chain bonds, the new ASC vanes are designed to resist the swelling, chipping and distortion of ordinary vane material.   Our new exclusive vanes help keep your equipment operating smoother and more trouble free. 

SERVICE KIT INCLUDES: (for use in GAST 6AM air motors)

Shaft Seal (1)


O-Ring (1)

ASC AD1649

Drive End Bearing (1)


Body Gasket (2)

ASC AD1641

Push Pin (2)


Vane Spring (4)

ASC AD1692

Vane (4) or (8)*

*SK208 (4) SK281 (8)

ASC AD1691

Dead End Bearing (1)

ASC AB1519

End Cap Gasket (1)

ASC AD1644


ASC tempered steel rotors for GAST 6AM vane type air motors

Part Number & DescriptionAir Motor ModelNumber of VanesShaft DiameterMaterial
ASC AD652 ROTORGAST 6AM4 SLOT5/8" - 0.625Steel


Send your GAST air motor to ASC for expert factory repair and overhaul service.  Your air motor will be disassembled, carefully inspected, cleaned, polished and overhauled with a ASC Service Kit and any other parts that do not pass inspection. Contact your ASC factory sales representative for more details and instructions on how to send in your air motor.  ASC specializes in GAST 6AM and 4AM, as well as Ingersoll-Rand MVA air motors used in natural gas compression engine pre-lube systems.  


ASC provides repair and overhaul service for pre-lube VIKING pumps. GAST 6AM air motors are often mated to VIKING Pre-Lube pumps (HL 475 Viking Part No.) (1W4775 CAT Part No.). You can send your Viking pump to ASC for repair separately, or coupled with its GAST air motor.  Contact ASC for details.