It’s never been easier to buy exchange remanufactured air starters.  ASC maintains the largest inventory of exchange air starters in the industry.  Available are popular brands like ASC, TDI, Ingersoll-Rand, Caterpillar and more…

Our Exchange Program provides fast and reliable service during those urgent times when your engine is down.  Our staff of highly trained technicians employ the latest techniques and procedures as they re-certify exchange starters. A thorough testing process insures optimal performance and reliability upon installation, and all units carry a generous warranty.


Every starter is remanufactured to either the original or latest design specifications using genuine ASC or certified remanufactured OEM parts to ensure safety and the best performance.


Our OEM manufacturing and engineering expertise coupled with over 30 years of specialization in air starters uniquely qualifies us to remanufacture starters better than all the rest. All our starters are backed up by our standard remanufactured warranty.

Exchange made easy

Provide us your air starter part number and we can ship out your certified remanufactured unit in advance of the receipt of your good core. In some cases local delivery may be free if you are near one of our three service centers or one of our worldwide distributors. Technical service is available to help you get the correct starter for your application.

Backup spares

Exchange air starters provide flexibility and save time when emergencies arise. ASC offers both NEW and exchange, so you always have a backup plan.

Lower operating costs 

Exchange remanufactured starters can be 30-70% cheaper than new OEM units while still offering extremely high value and dependability.  

Certified Exchange Remanufactured

Ingersoll-Rand / ASCIngersoll-Rand / ASCTDI / ASCCAT™TRUST
SS815GB03R31ST750GBDP03R31 T112-60001-B1R3NR9411M4012GB-5004
SS825GC03R25ST799GCDP03R25 T112-60031-01R3NL9412M4012GB-5005
SS810GB03R31ST950BP03R31 T306-60017-01R 333-9888
150BMGE21RH6ST999CP03R25 T306-60015-01R 322-2734
150BMPE88R54150TMPE88R54 T510-60048-01R 208-5479
150BMPD88R54SS100P01R15 45MA-30014-002E 202-7866
SM450RB99IG01ST544F03R25 T106-60006-M0R 382-9606
SM450LB98IG04SS175GE01R77 T106-60006-M0L
5BMGA56RH-3FMVA017 AIR MOTORT115-60K114-B1R-1-4E
20BMD52LH-26 D RATIOT6B63751

All brand names are property of their respective companies. ASC makes no real or implied claims to these brand names as each is used here for reference only.