In-stock delivery of your orders. We strive toward our motto "Order it today, Ship it today".

Our Customers benefit from a unique relationship between ASC and UPS (United Parcel Service). ASC is located in Houston next to one of the world’s largest UPS distributions centers. This proximity and or neighborly relationship with UPS insures that we can ship “same day” as late as 7:00PM on most days. In fact, ASC has enjoyed the same UPS driver for over fifteen years.

Freight and Parcel shipments also include FEDX, DHL, HotShot Shipments and numerous local and regional trucking companies such as Southeastern Freight, Snowy-Owl Canada and others. We also work closely with UniShippers to insure the lowest cost freight in the business.

Regional Service Centers

Houston, Oklahoma City and New Orleans customers enjoy FREE PICK-UP & DELIVERY services from our area Sales and Service Centers located in those cities and regions.

Dealers & Distributors

ASC enjoys long and trusted relationships with its dealers and distributors throughout the USA and worldwide. Most of these relationships span the twenty-five year history of ASC. Our dealers stock starters, parts and components as well as provide repairs, exchanges and technical advice. Contact ASC for the name and contact information of a dealer near you.

International Sales

Sales and shipments to countries around the world are made easy with ASC. ASC is sensitive to the costs of doing business internationally and works closely with its customers to control those costs with competitive pricing and other means. Our experienced international sales specialists will assist you with freight forwarders, customs documentation and banking transfers. Export customers also benefit from ASC’s base of operations in Houston, Texas; plus, our staff is ready to assist you in English, Spanish or Portuguese.